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Frequently asked questions


1.Which CPD activities should be input by myself and how do I add/update it?


If the CPD activities are not organised by your school or applied via EDB’s Training Calendar System (TCS), you may add the information to the system after the activities are completed and submit for the school’s verification. Records of such activities will be incorporated into your CPD activities records upon verification.


The steps to add/update CPD activities records are as follows:


1.Select "Teacher CPD Activities Records" > "TCPD Activities (Teacher-input)" from the menu on the left in Teacher Desk;

2.Click "Add" and input the activity information.  If you need to input the course/activity title yourself, please select "OTHERS" in "Course/Activity Type" and "Course/Activity Title", a field “Course/Activity Title (Please specify)” will appear for you to input a self-defined title.  Click "Save" to complete the recording process for teacher CPD activities;

3.Submit the new/updated CPD activity record(s) to school for verification.

4.Remark: The CPD activities of principal can be inputted in “PCPD Activities (Principal-input)”, the procedure is similar to that of inputting teacher CPD activities.




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