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Teacher Desk



Teacher Desk



1.How do I make sure that I have completed the updating exercise for the current school year?


Teacher Account Issues

1.If I forget my username/password, what should I do?

2.How do I change my password?

3.How do I create an e-Services account?

4.If "Serving Schools" under "Teacher Profile" contains only previous school information/does not show new school information after I switched school, what should I do?


Updating Teacher Profile

1.Why is the "Update" button missing from my profile?

2.If the information in my profile has been rejected by the school, what should I do?

3.How do I update my personal particulars, including my Chinese and English names, date of birth, sex and email addresses, etc.?

4.How do I update my years of teaching experience in pre-primary education?

5.How do I update my qualifications/teacher training information?

6.How do I add qualifications/teacher training programmes that I am currently pursuing?

7.How do I update my duty/post and subject taught for the current school year?

8.If my duty/post and subject taught remain unchanged for the current school year, is it mandatory for me to update?

9.If I am not teaching any subject in the current school year, what should I do?

10.If my duty/post or subject taught is not on the list, what should I do?

11.If my "Rank/TOE/FTE" as shown in“Serving School”is incorrect, what should I do?

12.What function(s) does the system provide for teachers to input information on their subjects taught?

13.If a lesson is co-taught by two teachers, how should the number of teaching periods be counted?

14.How does a kindergarten teacher update his/her “Employment Information” and "Type of Learning Activities Specifically Responsible for"?


Submission of Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST) result

1.Do I need to submit the BLNST pass result?

2.Which level of BLNST test result do I need to submit?

3.How do I input the BLNST information?

4.How do I update the BLNST result information?.

5.If the information of my rank/TOE/FTE and whether I am a newly-appointed teacher in this school year and need to fulfill the BLNST requirement is incorrect, what should I do?


Teachers/Principals CPD Activities

1.Which CPD activities should be input by myself and how do I add/update it?

2.Where should the CPD activities records of acting principals be kept?

3.If the CPD activity I want to record is not on the default list, what should I do?

4.How does the system help me compile statistics of my past CPD activities hours?


Other Enquiries

1.If no pop-up window appears on clicking "Training Calendar System (TCS)", what should I do?

2.If I want to view my past appointment records, what should I do?