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3.How do I create an e-Services account?


The e-Services Portal is designed exclusively for teachers, so not everyone can create an account by themselves. Once you have been appointed as a new teacher, you will receive an email from the School Administrator asking you to create an e-Services Portal account, which will be added to the school's account. To complete the account registration process, you have to create a username and a password as prompted by clicking the link in the registration email generated by the e-Services Portal.








1.Your username cannot be changed once your account is created. It remains the same even if you change school in the future. Therefore, leave out the name of your present school or its acronym when picking a username.

2.Your email address provided by the complimentary email services of the e-Services Portal will be the username you picked for your account followed by "".

3.You must provide at least one self-inputted email address for resetting password in the future. Please do not input school-assigned intranet email addresses as they will be terminated by the school immediately upon your resignation, rendering them useless for resetting password.



Once your account is created, you may logon immediately to update your "Teacher Profile", while the complimentary email services provided by the e-Services Portal will be activated in 6 hours.



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